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Ink Jet Printed Kite Sails

Start with a piece of plain white tissue paper. You can use tissue paper from a craft store or department store. If needed, flatten the tissue paper by ironing it with a dry iron set on the lowest setting. Cut the tissue paper to the size of standard printer paper. Hold the piece of tissue paper to a light and check for holes. Determine which side has the plastic coating and which side is uncoated. You must print on the uncoated side. Optionally buy archival tissue paper from a photo archival supplier that is cut to 8 in by 10 in. This will be slightly smaller than regular printer paper but will be a higher quality paper without holes and has no coating on either side.


The next step is to glue three sides of the tissue paper down to a piece of standard printer paper. Start by laying the tissue paper on top of the printer paper with the uncoated side of the tissue paper up. Place one hand firmly on the papers to hold the tissue paper in place and fold back the top edge of the tissue paper. Using a glue stuck or adhesive tape runner place adhesive along the top edge of the printer paper and then let the tissue paper fall back flat on top of it. Lift up the tissue paper and place adhesive along both sides of the printer paper and then flip the tissue paper back into place sticking down both sides. Make sure the tissue paper and printer paper are both completely flat and smooth. The tissue paper will now be glued down on three sides to the printer paper.


Select a template to print from the MKG site or create your own using the graphics program of your choice. Leave wide margins so that the printing will be centered on the tissue paper and way from the glue. Set the printer on draft setting. Place the tissue paper in the feed tray, so that the glued end will feed in first. Consult your printer manual to know if the tissue paper should be up or down.


Print your kite sail on an ink jet printer; if the colors are too faint or washed out try the standard printer setting. However on 3 out of 4 printers draft mood will work fine. Your kite sail is now ready to cutout and make into a kite.


NEVER try printing on a laser printer or copier, the glue could melt in the high heat and you could damage the device.

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Use "Mini File Tab Punch" by McGill to make mini kite line winders from old cards, photos or magazine covers. Glue two together if your material only has color on one side.