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How to split bamboo

The best way to split strips of bamboo is to always split it down the middle until you get to size you want.


Using a snap-type razor blade slide the blade out approximately an inch.This is a lot of blade showing so be very careful that you donít hurt yourself or anyone else. Hold the blade in one hand and turn the blade so that the sharp edge is facing you. Place the end of the bamboo against it and push the bamboo into the blade. You may need to slide the bamboo up and down against the blade a few times to start the split. Be very careful to not cut your fingers. Once you have split a couple of inches, you can grip the bamboo behind the blade and pull it through (getting your fingers away from the sharp blade). If the split pieces are still wider then you want, then you repeat the process splitting each piece. If an individual piece is being difficult to get the split started try cutting a little bit off the end to give you a fresh end to start the split from.Remember to slide the blade back into the razor when you are not using it.


When making miniature kites you want the spars to be as thin as possible and still hold the shape of the kite.Push yourself to use thinner and thinner spares. You will find many kites can be made with thinner spars then you first thought.


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1/16th inch hole punches work great for punching bridle holes in small kites.† Check the scrap-booking section of your local craft store to purchase one.