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MKG Scale For Sizing Kites



 fits in a cube

Nano.4 inch 
 10 mm 
 Micro .75 inch 
 29 mm
 Thumb 1.5 inches
 38 mm
 Palm 3 inches
 76 mm
 Hand 6 inches 152 mm 
 Magnum* 12 inches
 305 mm



The scale is determined by placing the kite in a cube per the scale above. Placing the kite diagonally in the cube is valid.


For example - a Nano kite must fit inside a .4 inch cube. A plane surface (flat) kite that is .5 inches by .4 inches would fit inside a Nano scale cube on the diagonal and thus would still be a Nano sized kite.


* A plane surface Magnum kite could be as large as 16 inches x 12 inches; by many definitions a kite with any dimension that is over 12 inches is not considered "miniature". However even Charlie Sotich occasionally made kites in the upper size range of a Magnum miniature kite. Miniature Kite competition usually do not allow kites larger than Hand sized.

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Tip of the week
Alligator clip tabletop picture holders make a simple helping hand to hold your kite while working.  Put a small piece of folded tag board or heavy paper over the edge of the kite where it slips into the clip to make sure the alligator teeth don't hurt your sail.