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Single-Surface Kites

Single-surface kites have a sail that is in one geometric plane; such as flat or bowed kites.  Single-surface kites may have a keel. Kites in this category include: diamond, Eddy, Malay, Rokkakus, Edo, star, barn door, English arch type, fighter, Sode, butterfly, Hata, cocktail napkin kites, paper-cut figure kites and many more. Single-surface kites are rigid, either because the sail material itself is rigid or because there is a frame connected to the sail to provide the rigidity.


This is the most prevalent type of kite; especially when looking at miniature kites. Variations run the gambit from extremely easy to challenging to construct. This kite is easy to customize and create infinite variations.

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Tip of the week
1/16th inch hole punches work great for punching bridle holes in small kites.  Check the scrap-booking section of your local craft store to purchase one.