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Multi-Surface Kites

Multi-surface or dimensional kites have sails in more than one geometric plane which provide lift to the kite. Multi-surface kites are thus three-dimensional. Like single-surface kites they are rigid in form. Kites of this type include box, cellular, facet, tetrahedral, Cody and their variations.


Multi-surface kites are challenging to make as miniatures because small variations in constructions can create catastrophic issues with flight.  Also, the weight of the three-dimensional frame to the overall size of the kite can be problematic to do in miniature. 

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Tip of the week
Alligator clip tabletop picture holders make a simple helping hand to hold your kite while working.  Put a small piece of folded tag board or heavy paper over the edge of the kite where it slips into the clip to make sure the alligator teeth don't hurt your sail.